Coaching for Success

Are you?

Frustrated that you are not getting the results you deserve

Looking for support to achieve your potential

Looking at a great opportunity that you want to maximize

Looking for the key to unlock your potential

Looking for executive coaching for one of your team

Changing career or considering whether to do something different

Ready to take your career to the next level

Searching for a way forward in your career and your life

Under pressure to deliver

Looking for an experienced HR professional to provide coaching support to or develop your HR Director, HR Manager or HR team

I offer personal coaching and support which can give you the skill set to turn your ambitions into reality

My coaching is tailored for

♦  Successful professionals looking for the extra edge
♦  Ambitious managers who know they can achieve more
♦  Talented individuals at the start of their career
♦  HR Professionals and Teams who want to develop a plan and get results


Executive Coaching Packages

If you are looking to thrive in your chosen career, build work place skills for the future or for a solution to a challenging work-based situation

HR Packages

If you are looking for an HR Specialist who can provide tailored coaching to either yourself, an individual or an HR Team please get in touch.  Working with me individuals and teams can focus on individual development, providing a great HR service and, of course, delivering results for the business

Bespoke Arrangements

If you are looking for a package for a group of people or a team, or if you would like a package tailored specifically to your requirements

My mission and the passion behind K8 Coaching & Consultancy is:

To support talented people in developing their dreams and goals

My coaching is driven by my beliefs that

♦  We are all capable of so much – but sometimes we need support to realize our true potential
♦  We are stronger together
♦  School, college and higher education doesn’t always give us the life skills for true success
♦  Everything starts small – and then some things grow into so much more

The philosophy behind K8 Coaching & Consultancy is my belief that we all have great potential but we can all benefit from, and achieve so much more with, the support of an independent, trusted, knowledgeable partner who is ‘on our side’.

You can contact me by e-mail, phone or via my contact section on this website – click HERE for details.