Coaching is:

A structured process in which I work with you:

To clearly identify what is needed

Support you in developing an action plan

Work with YOU so you deliver the results you need

Coaching works with you on a personal level to understand where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Drawing on a variety of tools I will work with you to clearly define your needs and support you to the outcome you want.

Programmes and timescales vary but all my programmes get results for my clients by exploring the issues, looking at options and generating workable solutions

The Growth Catalyst

Coaching is about you developing your personal vision, learning how to achieve your own goals and establishing a tool kit for life

It is not

  A quick easy fix – it can be challenging, it can be hard work but it delivers sustainable results for the long term
  A training course – you work with me to develop your own unique approach to your individual circumstances
  Being told what to do

A good coach is not your manager, your counsellor, your mentor and or even your Mum.  A good coach is a trusted partner.  In the long run good coaching empowers you to understand yourself, your needs and ultimately gives you the skills and power to lead yourself where you want to go

Working with me on a one to one basis my coaching will provide you with:

A confidential environment to work on what is important to you

A safe space to explore what you need and how to get there

Sessions which are focused completely on you and your goals

With a bespoke approach my work will be completely focused on YOU and what you need

Working with me you will get:

A personalized action plan which delivers results
A sense of direction
A toolkit of skills to take you forward
A clear plan

I can help you feel:

Capable and empowered
Know ‘I can do this’

If this is what you are ready for I’d really like to help

Coaching can be a single session, a short series of focused conversations or a longer-term programme so I can support you in getting to where you want to be

Coaching can be:

  Face to face (at my premises, a neutral location or client premises) – in the UK in postcode areas DH or NE
  By telephone
  By Skype

Your next step is to book a Consultation Call with me, where we can discuss your needs and which Package is most suitable for you