The Growth Catalyst

My mission and the passion behind K8 Coaching & Consultancy is:

To support talented people in developing their dreams and goals

My coaching is driven by my beliefs that:

We are all capable of so much – but sometimes we need some support to realize our true potential

We are stronger together

School, college and higher education doesn’t always give us the life skills for true success

Everything starts small and then somethings grow into so much more

Who Am I

Kate Simpson BSc (Hons) Chartered FCIPD

  I am an experienced senior manager and director
  I have worked in Human Resources for over 30 years with 17 years at HR Director level
♦  An experienced, qualified and accredited executive coach
  I have managed learning and development functions, an outdoor training centre and an apprentice training school
  I have experienced challenges and worked to overcome them – both on my own and with the support of others

I am

  Dependable, capable, trusted
  A good listener
  Someone who works to the personal goal that ‘Everyone around me Succeeds’
  Someone who works consistently to help others develop their true potential

What Do I Want for My Clients?

Value for their time & money

They experience coaching as a safe space for them to explore issues, meet challenges and learn and develop

Coaching that gives them space to think

A positive & constructive experience

The philosophy behind K8 Coaching & Consultancy is my belief that we all have great potential but we can all benefit from, and achieve so much more with, the support of an independent, trusted, knowledgeable partner who is ‘on our side’.

I am an empathetic people person who derives personal satisfaction from supporting and training people both in my career and in my spare time. Before specialising in coaching in addition to having had a successful career in HR I have worked in sports coaching, outdoor activities coaching and learning & development management.  In my spare time I like to spend lots of time outdoors including hill walking, Nordic walking, swimming, visiting great places and meeting amazing people.

I am from North East England and have been around the world, and worked and studied both in and out of the region.

If you chose to work with me what I will share with you is a toolset that works, a track record of success and a determination to help you be the best you can be.